Meuble industriel en raccords et tuyaux de plomberie B&B l'Atelier -MC Fact

Shelf and industrial furniture 3D visit of the BB l'Atelier

Discover industrial furniture made of custom plumbing pipes and fittings to make your own (DIY).

Here is the B&B l'Atelier located in Rhode-Saint-Genèse, in the South of Brussels, where you can discover the realizations of furniture in plumbing pipes. From the conception to the manufacturing, everything has been realized in our workshop. These are dismountable and robust thanks to the screwed connections and the quality of the materials used.
To adopt the industrial style, raw materials such as steel and wood are used.

3D virtual tour

What materials did we use?

We used black double threaded shot blasted steel tubing in umber gray to match the overall furniture and shades.
The size of the fittings and tubes are 1/2″ and 3/4″.
To protect the set, they were coated with 2 coats of our fast-drying Montana-Cans® matte varnish.


Industrial Furniture Frigo Bar

This one was designed with 30mm thick scaffolding boards for the upper shelf and half boards (15mm) for the lower shelf.
The boards were assembled and glued to make the shelves.

La tailles des raccords et tubes de plomberie sont en taille 1/2″. Les extrémités des pieds ont quant à eux un raccord réducteur 3/4″ > 1/2″.

Shower Room Shelf 

The shelves and the bench were made with the same 30mm thick scaffolding boards.

Tubing and fittings in 3/4″ sizes were used for the bench and 1/2″ for the upper structure.  

The challenge of this realization was to bypass the wall radiator.
Given the high height, it was fixed to the wall with decorative floor clamps to ensure its stability.

Wall-mounted shelf on an old baker's table

We opted for double scaffolding boards for more depth to match the depth of the industrial baker's table.

Tubing and fittings in 3/4″ sizes were the most sensible choice.
Wall attachments are made with classic plumbing flanges and screws with cap nuts. This industrial modular shelf is a classic piece of plumbing pipe furniture.

Industrial Style Shelf Bracket

Small shelf made of 200mm long and 30mm thick reclaimed scaffolding board fixed on a 1/2″ size tube and fittings structure fitted with 3 hole 1914 deco floor flanges with black countersunk screw for a perfect finish.

Industrial Dining Table

This wood and metal dining table has been designed to make the fixings of the wooden top invisible.
The wooden top was made with the boards of scaffolding of recovery carefully put in dimension to make a gluing by lamella.

The steel tubing and fittings are 3/4″ in size. Deco 1914 floor flanges have been added as a finish to the end.

Large industrial kitchen furniture

Open industrial furniture made in 3 parts in order to be able to embed the refrigerator.
The left part and the right part are 2 columns which were connected to form the3rd part.

The same scaffolding boards were used to form the shelves.

The shelves are made without gluing - they are simply attached to a steel support that is screwed into the tube structure.

The tube structure and screw-in fittings are 3/4″ in size.


If you want more details and information on the realizations do not hesitate to come and discuss with us on the Chat or via our contact form.
We will be happy to help you choose the most suitable components for your creation.