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5 models of toilet paper holder to make industrial style

Several models of toilet paper holder of industrial style exist for your industrial toilet decoration with or without wooden board having a rough or rather refined aspect... so many possibilities are offered to you to manufacture or to get this accessory impossible to circumvent of the small corner, for a personalization of your space of life.

With industrial style plumbing tubes, you have the ability to create many different industrial toilet paper dispenser designs. There are many choices available to you - just let your imagination run wild.

In this article, we have chosen 5 different versions of the original toilet paper holder - from a simple model to a more elaborate version. All models are accessible to everyone and require little or no tools (only for wall mounting).

So go ahead and create your own industrial toilet.

If you prefer to have one already assembled, you can find them in our assembled toilet paper dispenser kits.

To calculate the size of steel pipes, you can refer to the article on choosing plumbing pipes and fittings.

1. Straight toilet paper holder

Toilet roll holder - straight - Assembled - MCFK0110012W1A00

For this 100% industrial style model, you will need the following plumbing parts in 1/2″ size:

Available in kit and assembled version: Straight toilet roll door

2. Straight design toilet paper holder

If you prefer a more designer toilet roll holder model, like this one, you'll need the 1/2″ size elements:

Design toilet roll holder - straight - Assembled - MCFK0130012W1A00

Available in kit and assembled version: Design toilet roll door

3. Elbow toilet paper holder model

Toilet roll holder - elbow - Assembled - MCFK0120012C1PA1

The same toilet roll holder but in a different style: the elbow version with a right angle - giving a more airy roll holder.

For this one, you'll need the 1/2″ size elements:

Available in kit and assembled version: Roller door wc elbow

4. Toilet paper holder with wooden shelf

In order to combine wood and steel, we have an elbow version with a solid oak shelf (any other type of wood is of course possible, such as bamboo, scaffolding wood, birch or other).

To make it you will need the following items in size 1/2:

Wooden toilet roll holder - oak shelf - MCFK0150000W1

Available in kit and assembled version: Toilet roll door with oak shelf

5. Toilet paper holder model on stand

Freestanding toilet roll holder - MCFK0160000W1

For those who don't want to fix their toilet roll holder to the wall, we also have a stand-alone version with a toilet paper holder at hand.

Very easy to move around as you wish.

To make this model of toilet roll-up door, you will need the following elements in size 1/2 : 

Available in kit and assembled version here: Toilet roll holder on foot

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