Black steel tube, double threaded, shot blasted light grey

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Steel nipple pipe black shot blasted light grey with BSP conical thread (European thread) with double thread also called threaded coil. Medium iso tube S195T.
The length is expressed in millimeters.

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Black steel threaded nipple, light grey shot blasted, with BSP male conical thread (European thread) with double male thread (thread on both ends).
This range of threaded tube is heavily shot blasted giving them a light grey appearance.
The length includes both threads and is expressed in millimeters.
As they are raw steel there is a thin film of oil to protect them from corrosion.
This oil film can be wiped off with a dry cloth to leave as is or for a different finish using our metal cleaner or with any other degreaser (e.g. brake cleaner, aceton, ...).
For protection against moisture it is possible to apply a aerosol varnisha aerosol paint or with linseed oil baked into a very thin layer, ...
On these light grey blasted tubes the screwing is generally 10 to 17mm when tightened by hand.
Feel free to read our FAQ.
All of our steel plumbing nipples can be screwed to all female couplings cast iron or steel of the same size.
It is then possible to build industrial style shelves or any other object or piece of furniture with a vintage industrial look.

Black steel threaded nipple appearance

We sort our range of tubes into 3 aspects.
  • StandardSmooth with a certain shine as it is raw steel. Depending on the manufacture, the color can vary from light gray to black.
  • Medium grey shot blastedUniform color that is close to "RAL7022" umber gray with slight shading and texture that blends perfectly with the color of cast iron and steel fittings. plumbing fittings cast iron and steel fittings.
  • Light gray shot: Uniform light gray color with a stronger texture.

Size matching

  • 3/8″ → 12/17 → 17.2mm diameter
  • 1/2″ → 15/21 → Diameter 21.3mm
  • 3/4″ → 20/27 → Diameter 26.9mm
  • 1″ → 26/34 → Diameter 33.7mm
  • 1 1/4″ → 33/42 → Diameter 42.4mm

Threaded nipple steel black shot blasted specification

The light grey, black shot-blasted steel threaded tubes are medium iso welded steel tubes S195T / P235 to DIN EN 10255 / EN 10217 with BSP tapered gas thread to DIN EN 10226 at both ends.

For more details you can read our FAQs


Thread type:

The thread is BSP (British Standard Pipe) Whitworth type.
The female thread type is BSPP DIN ISO 228-1 cylindrical and the male thread is BSPT DIN EN 10226 conical type formerly ISO 7-1.

Technical data sheets

Download the PDF data sheet

Weight ND
Dimensions ND


Type of thread




30mm (3cm), 40mm (4cm), 50mm (5cm), 80mm (8cm), 100mm (10cm), 150mm (15cm), 200mm (20cm), 300mm (30cm), 400mm (40cm), 700mm (70cm)


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